Church Partnerships

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Become a Church Partner

To learn more about how your church can partner with Together for Hope Appalachia contact:

Keith Stillwell
Together for Hope Regional Vice President for Appalachia
[email protected]

Churches may partner with Together for Hope Appalachia in a variety of ways that fit their church's mission:

Missions/Service Partner
A mission partner is directly involved in work within one or more of the TFH Appalachia counties. For example this may include mission trips or projects, ongoing relationship with a community, asset mapping of a TFH county, inviting partners from Appalachia to visit your church and community, and/or partnership with a TFH Appalachia partner organization. For example, a number of churches are involved with TFH Appalachia Field Personnel, Scarlette Jasper’s Christmas Boxes for Appalachia.

Prayer Partner
Prayer partner churches commit to praying for Appalachia, the work of TFH Appalachia and our partners and may include enlisting a prayer contact person, making the church aware of prayer concerns, and/or organizing prayer emphases.

Advocacy Partner
Advocacy partner churches advocate for issues of importance to the mission of TFH Appalachia, for example through phone calls, letters, and other actions. These churches will enlist an Advocacy Committee, Advocacy Team, and/or Advocacy Leader/Contact Person and educate the congregation concerning key issues where advocacy may be needed.

Supporting Partner
Supporting churches regularly provide resources for TFH Appalachia and/or our partners, such as food, clothing, building materials, Christmas items, special offerings, fundraisers, and/or financial support.

A church may partner with TFH Appalachia through some combination of missions, prayer, advocacy, and/or support.

Friend of Together for Hope Appalachia
A church “Friend of Together Hope Appalachia” makes a deeper commitment to TFH Appalachia, including financial support, active engagement, and other options depending on the needs of TFH Appalachia and the interests of the church such as: missions, prayer, advocacy, or some combination. To commemorate a “Friend of Together for Hope Appalachia” church partnership and as a prayer reminder, TFH will present the church with a candle holder created by an Appalachian artist and the beautifully illustrated children’s book, A is for Appalachia: An Alphabet Book of Appalachian Heritage.

Congregational Engagement Partnership
Together for Hope Capstone Congregation, Cornerstone Congregation, Milestone Congregation, Benchmark Congregation, or Foundation Congregation.

Church Partners


First Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY
Friend of Together for Hope Appalachia


First Baptist Church, Corbin, KY
Friend of Together for Hope Appalachia


Faith Baptist Church, Georgetown, KY

Friend of Together for Hope Appalachia
Mission and Prayer Partner


First Baptist Church, Knoxville, TN

Friend of Together for Hope Appalachia
Congregational Engagement Partner


"Friends of Together for Hope Appalachia"
Commemorative Gift

To commemorate the partnership, church "Friends of Together for Hope Appalachia" receive a candle holder created by an Appalachian artist and for your children's ministry, the book, A is for Appalachia: The Alphabet Book of Appalachian Heritage.

Thank you for sharing your light (Matthew 5:15).


Kirk Banks


Richard Kirk Banks

Head Ceramic Contract Artist
Appalachian Artisan Center, Hindman, Kentucky
Richard Kirk Banks is a multi-disciplinary studio artist working in Hindman, KY. A Whitesburg, KY native, Kirk is a graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall and the University of Virginia’s College at Wise with an emphasis in fine/studio art. He practices primarily in three media: ceramic arts,
printmaking, and painting. Kirk’s pieces from each medium are characterized by bold, saturated colors, simple patterns, and lively functionality. His ceramic work is generally functional and wheel-made, with instruction offered weekly by the artist. His print work includes serigraphs and monotype/monoprint on paper, while his paintings are made with acrylic, oil, and pastels on canvas or panel.

Teresa Cole

Teresa Cole

Studio Potter, Cedar Meadow Studio, Berea, Kentucky

Originally from White Sulphur Springs, WV, Teresa Cole is a 1972 graduate of Berea College where she was a charter apprentice in the College’s ceramics apprenticeship program. After graduating, she operated private and shared studios in TN & NC, returning to Berea, KY in 1980. Since then she has worked as a studio potter in Berea. Teresa is a juried member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen, the Southern Highland Craft Guild and the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program.
In 1996, she moved into her current workshop/home hidden away in the hills 12 miles east of town. This studio that Teresa designed and mostly built herself, with occasional help from friends and neighbors, is a place where she is truly at home: Cedar Meadow Studios.
Teresa’s works can be seen at her showroom, Gallery 103 on Short Street on the College Square, Berea, KY; the Appalachian Artisan Center , Hindman, KY; the Folk Art Center of the Southern Highland Craft Guild on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Asheville NC; and the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.