Book Club! Having Nothing, Possessing Everything

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January 3, 2023
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Book Club! Having Nothing, Possessing Everything

Led by Together for Hope national staff, and hosted by Together for Hope and CBF Florida, this Book Club, explores the book Having Nothing, Possessing Everything, “the story of how one church found abundance in a community of material poverty.”

For Zoom link or more information, please contact Melissa Rodriguez at [email protected]

All book club meetings will be at 12:30pm EST
Jan. 31st – Jason Coker, National President
Feb. 7th – Rachel Gunter Shapard, TFH Black Belt
Feb. 14th – Keith Stillwell, TFH Appalachia
Feb. 21st – Rori Herbison, TFH Delta

Together for Hope is a rural development coalition that utilizes Asset Based Community Development as they work in the 339 counties of persistent rural poverty across the nation.

About the Book
Pastor Mike Mather arrived in Indianapolis thinking that he was going to serve the poor. But after his church’s community lost nine young men to violence in a few short months, Mather came to see that the poor didn’t need his help—he needed theirs.
This is the story of how one church found abundance in a com-munity of material poverty. Viewing people—not programs, finances, or service models—as their most valuable resource moved church members beyond their own walls and out into the streets, where they discovered folks rich in strength, talents, determination, and love.
Mather’s Having Nothing, Possessing Everything will inspire readers to seek justice in their own local communities and to find abundance and hope all around them.

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